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Roshan Uranwala.

Role: Personal Trainer

Master of Science in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner
B.A. in Ethnic Studies with emphasis in Race and Resistance Studies

Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach - Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning
Family Nurse Practitioner
BLS for Healthcare Providers
ACLS for Healthcare Providers

Long distance and trail running, Cycling, Swimming, Olympic Triathlons and other competitive racing events
Nurse Pracititoner; Specialty: Orthopedics

Experience: My passion for fitness is interconnected with all parts of my life, from the attitude I bring into my workplace, to how I view health as a clinician, to how I engage with my clients, patients, colleagues, family and community, it is always present. As a practice, I try to model fitness by example and hold an open invitation to all those who express an interest in joining me. Over the past several years, this practice has led to me informally training sedentary colleagues into competitive runners and friends with limited agility in the water into strong swimmers. Their achievements birthed a new passion for them and I witnessed as it transformed their energy levels, their happiness, their physique and the priorities in their lives.

Why Personal Training: I am a personal trainer because movement is at the center of our quality of life. Through movement, we engage our minds and our bodies in unison and explore the limitless possibilities of what we can do. It is the ultimate expression of love to ourselves, and, like all forms of love, it requires that we work at it.

Several years ago, I started training young high school students to run the Oakland Marathon Relay. We had two teams and each person ran a 6.5 -7 mile stretch, which was a lot considering that some had never ran before. Training with them was not only a bonding experience for us, but, most importantly, it bonded them more closely to themselves. In training them, I learned that 1) The best gift that I can give to people is not to take care of them, but to arm them with the tools to take care of themselves and 2) Young people, and all people, intuitively care about their health and will act upon it if provided proper pathways to do so.

I believe that it is through the discovery of what we can do that we begin to create our own self-determination. Whether as a healthcare provider or personal trainer, my goal is to empower people with the tools to take their health, wellness and athleticism into their own hands, guiding them, while promoting that they own their own power to become their best self!

Why Body Mechanix: I train at Body Mechanix because Body Mechanix has pushed me, loved me, grown me, and become a home for me. I am a stronger athlete than I was when I first walked in. Before I came to Body Mechanix I used half-marathons, olympic triathlons and other competitive racing events as goal markers for my own speed and agility. At Body Mechanix, I began to set different goals for myself that reflected not just my speed, but my overall performance, strength and areas of weakness. My workouts became more well rounded. Above all, I found a family and community at Body Mechanix and it is a highlight of my day to train with them.
Roshan Uranwala.