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Deserae Cota.

Role: Personal Trainer

Education: Bachelor of Arts in psychology

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Specialties: Strength, Conditioning, Muscle gain and toning, Functional training, Cardiovascular endurance, Core strength, Agility

Experience: I was a member of the women’s track and field team for eight seasons at New Mexico State University. Exposure to several coaching styles and techniques over a lifetime as an all-around athlete has given me a greater understanding of the importance of individualizing training to reflect clients’ personal goals and to prioritize their health.

I have applied this understanding to empower personal training clients to achieve their goals as well as while coaching youth basketball, track and field and volleyball. I maintain a coach mentality because I believe in motivating clients to achieve their personal bests while pushing past their comfort zones.

Why Personal Training: I am a personal trainer because I believe in the power of movement as therapy. I use sports and working out as a form of moving meditation. I encourage clients to get out and move and to take advantage of the many ways that the world provides to keep active – from the gym to playgrounds, to stadiums, to park benches.

Maintaining an active lifestyle has shaped my life in many constructive ways, and I have witnessed others transforming their lives too after implementing physical activity and healthier habits. The same habits that you develop to push past your limitations in the gym or weight room carry over into your personal life and create a greater ability to overcome and a new sense of resilience. Seeing clients whom I have trained and athletes whom I have coached demonstrate this is beyond gratifying.

Why Body Mechanix: I train at Body Mechanix because I love the community of people. From the first afternoon that I set foot in Body Mechanix, I observed everyone greeting one another and saw an environment in which people came to work and to be put to work.

This gym offers equipment that ensures a dynamic workout each session and the space to utilize all its fun tools. As longtime members and/or clients affirm that Body Mechanix offers some of the best trainers and facilities, I am proud to be part of a team that is so highly regarded by its community.

Deserae Cota.