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Lance Moore

Role: Boxing Coach

Certifications: First Aid / CPR

Specialties: Boxing

Experience: Olympic style boxing 2001-2007; Boxing coach 2012-2018

Why Personal Training: I am a personal trainer because I love the art of boxing and love teaching the art to others. I like the release that hitting the bag and boxing in general give you. I got into boxing to increase my fitness. I was in top physical shape but when I went to box against an opponent, I couldn't touch him and didn't feel in shape. This experience sparked something in me. The more I went, the more I liked it and wanted to compete in it. I want everyone I teach to get a really solid workout while having fun. Working out without working out.

Why Body Mechanix: I train at Body Mechanix because I love the gym and the people here. The gym's philosophies and values resonate with me. I'm always excited to see who comes in next.

Lance Moore